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That feeling of accomplishment comes in many forms.

My whole body hurts- hands, legs, back- and it's the best feeling!

Sawyer (7) Easton (4) and "Daddy Pig" or as he has been newly dubbed "Emboar"

With the new year comes new goals

Winter break was a time for family and projects. After the gifts were unwrapped, leftovers put into the fridge, and tree put to the burnpile it was time to get some farm goals accomplished. As we are rebuilding and rebranding our farm we also need new enclosures for our animals so we can be prepared to expand into this new territory.

Many small hands can make for more work

The specific project to be completed first was a new pig pen. Our male Hampshire's pen flooded this year when we received a large volume of late season rain, so we needed to relocate him to higher ground. My sons were ready to get their hands in on the project and wanted to help every step of the way- from digging holes for the posts to digging the trench to bury the wire panels to using the screw gun to fasten the roof supports. Every. Single. Step. Of. The. Way.

Don't get me wrong

Okay, so their eagerness did cost me some time and made the project take a bit longer, BUT I know not only will this experience build fond memories for them to look back on later, but it also builds upon their personal development. Taking that extra time to involve my children gives them skills and shows them how to reach a goal, be successful, and be proud of their accomplishments. No matter what path in life they choose, these lesson my boys learn now will make them better people when they become adults.

And Daddy Pig is pretty happy with his new digs.

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