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I have had the privilege of being the guest of a few different podcasts. You can find those episodes here.

I am also listing some of the podcasts that I enjoy. I hope you will check them out.

David Hafner is a farmer, advocate and activist for farmers. On social media he is the Farmer Advocate. He shares farmers stories with the public and with elected officials to make sure that agriculture remains a priority both during the election and afterward when the big decisions are being made.

We talk about mental health, the importance of drawing boundaries to make sure you have quality time with your kids and how to stop feeling like you aren’t good enough. Everyone has a place in agriculture and everyone has a story to tell.


How do we ensure that the stories we tell will last? In this podcast, PAL Class 10 members David Hafner, Derek Orth, and Kyle Wilson- who are experienced storytellers in agriculture from across the country- will highlight elements that make a story worth listening to. 

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