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A Win for the Spuds!

Lay’s and the NFL have partnered for a one-of-a-kind promotion.

The premise of the Lay’s Golden Grounds promotion is Lay’s has collected soil from each NFL stadium across the country and has planted potatoes in that soil. Those potatoes were then turned into Lay’s potato chips and put into bags denoting each NFL team. Lay’s is now giving away the bags of chips to NFL team fans who enter the sweepstakes. -Keep reading to learn how to enter.

The soil that was collected from the NFL fields was sent to CSS Farms in Texas where it was incorporated into their fields and the potatoes were grown. You can learn more about that process in the video from Lay’s HERE. Now that the farmers have done their part it’s time for you to do yours: visit and follow the instructions to enter to win. Good luck and thank you farmers, you are the real champions in this sweepstakes.

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