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Fitting into the BIG Picture

As a smallholder farmer I used to feel insecure about my place in agriculture. But thanks to some great friends and fellow farmers I found a way past that mind set.

Whenever I would attend an agricultural gathering I would feel out of place due to the size of my farm. Others would be talking about their thousands of acres and someone would end up saying something like I have a small farm with only a few hundred acres. Those statements of "only having a few hundred acres" would make me feel so insignificant with my smallholding¹. Let me be fair, I was never treated any less because of the size of my farm, it was all in my head. But to me it was very real and my lack of confidence led me to a case of imposter syndrome. I knew I had knowledge about agriculture, I knew I had a farm, but I still felt like a fake, like I was not enough.

Luckily I have great friends who showed me that I do have an important place in agriculture. Thanks to my strong drive to advocate for and understand agriculture, and my farm not taking up all of my time, I have the ability to tell stories and make connections that other famers might not be able to do. I take this opportunity seriously and seize every opportunity to meet with elected officials, talk with citizens, and take to social media to gather an audience so I can ²bridge the gap between farmers and consumers.

I encourage you to never judge your worth by what you have physically. You have a story to tell and you have abilities that other wish they have. Take your talents and go do great things for what is important to you!

¹A smallholding or smallholder farm is a farm with about 5 acres or less to grow crops and/or raise livestock. About 1/3 of the world's food is grown on a smallholding.

²Shout out to my friend Vance Crowe who taught me the importance to bridge the gap.

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