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In the midst of chaos...

As I was watching and learning of the events that took place at our Nation's Capitol on January 6th I was disheartened and disappointed. I was watching the live coverage of the proceedings within the House Chamber as a mob broke into the building and entered the gallery, disrupting democracy in action. I saw images of these people walking the halls and entering offices and wreaking havoc.

My last trip to D.C. with my classmates of the 10th American Farm Bureau Partners in Advocacy Leadership (PAL) Program. Pictured L to R: David Hafner (me)- FL, Matthew McClannahan- TN, James Henderson- CO, Sarah Ison- OH, Derek Orth- WI, Erika Archie- TX, Bryan Jones- FL, Jenny Holterman- CA, Beth Hodge- NH, Kyle Wilson- UT

...the future is bright!

As I wrapped up my day's work I turned my focus to my next responsibility- my 4-H club. I am a proud alumnus of my local 4-H and now I give back as the leader of a club. As our meeting began and progressed I found myself worried less and less about the events that had transpired during the day, and instead more and more filled with confidence in our future as I watched my club members and could see in their eyes the potential for greatness.

Feed it, water it, help it grow.

As our 4-H meeting continued and I watched the interactions amongst these youth I thought about how each of these children has their own set of ideals yet to be developed, their own experiences yet to be known, and their own unique identity to unfold. Each of these children are exclusively exquisite and yet, differences included, they all find a way to include each other and work together as one.

These children were showing how we all should be- different in our own respect, but able and willing to work together with others of differing ideologies; head, heart, hands, and health.

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