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Where I am Now and What is Next...

This is a repost from March 24, 2020 when I used to post to Blogger. Reading this today, 2 years later, it is amazing how much has changed. But my goal, which is outlined in the post, remains the same- to promote and support agriculture.

This is a picture of our Brahma bull, Charge, loaded up in the trailer headed to a new pasture. He was the last to leave our farm and he is missed.

Just about a month ago I was a farmer with a small farm, 15 acres, raising beef cattle, goats, and chickens. Today that is all gone. What happened?

I own 5 acres and have leased the 10 acres next to me since 2012. During that time the property changed hands, but the new owner let me know he had every intention of keeping it in agriculture and not to worry that I would have access to this land for a very long time. Turns out that was not true, and my plans to expand our farm to include produce were no more. The property owner sold the land and I was given one week notice to move my cattle. Knowing my 5 acres was not enough to sustain them my family made the tough decision to sell our cattle. Still reeling from that loss we decided it was time to look for a new home. On top of losing two-thirds of our land we also drive 45 minutes each way every day to take our children to school. So with our family's best interest at heart we listed our home for sale and sold off the rest of our animals to be prepared to move when the time comes.

This was very difficult for me as I have struggled to see my place in agriculture for some time, and losing my farm really made me wonder what my purpose is. I'm not a farmer, I'm not a rancher, what am I?

In the midst of this self doubt some friends of mine came through at the perfect moment encouraging me that I would be a good fit as an agvocate sharing information and footage of farms and farmers. Well heck yeah! I love doing that! With the support of my friends and a lot of soul searching I am now taking that step. I have changed my social media accounts from promoting my farm, H6 Livestock, and myself, Farmer Adventures, to promoting the farmers and ranchers, aquaculture specialists, mechanics, and teachers, truck drivers, welders, and salesmen, irrigation specialists, marketing managers, and auctioneers, and I could go on. Moving forward I will be building my brand, Farmer Advocate, and using it to break out of the agriculture echo chamber to reach the urban population who have lost touch with the farms and farmers, and I will work to bridge that gap.

If you are involved in some part of the agriculture process I would like to promote you and share your story. Please reach out to me. I want to highlight you and the important service you bring to our country.

I hope you'll follow me on Instagram and Facebook, and if you have read through to this point I appreciate you giving me your time.

Addendum: Since then I have sold my farm and moved to a new property where I have changed directions. I am now raising and selling sheep, pigs, and poultry and hope to soon add an agritourism aspect. I am proud to be a smallholder farmer and stand up every chance I get to tell my story and promote farms and ranches of all sizes.

You can also find me on TikTok and LinkedIn.

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