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Your Voice Matters!

When people ask me for advice on how to tell their story they are shocked to hear where I started. Since they are used to seeing me shooting short videos and taking selfies and talking with groups they don't expect me to say that by nature I am a shy person, that I'm a wallflower. It's true.

On July 10th I joined with Matt Griffin- United Genetics Seeds and Kevin Lussier- Hawthorne Creek Creamery in a panel discussion moderated by Clayton Lyons- CK2 Show Pigs at the 2021 Florida Farm Bureau Young Farmers and Ranchers Leadership Conference.

So how do you get past that, the shyness, the insecurities. I wish there was a magical potion I can give you, but the truth is you just have to do it. You have to envision your goal, step out of your comfort zone, and just do it.

My 1st video interview. I was so nervous, but knew I needed to take the opportunity. I am so glad I did, agriculture needed a voice that day and I was there to give it one.

I don't have a potion, but what I can give you is support. You need to critically analyze yourself and find what is holding you back, what your fear is and CRUSH it, own it. How? Talk about it, be vulnerable and tell people what your weakness is. Make jokes about it. Add it to your story. Not only will it help you overcome that hurdle by taking away its power over you, it will also make you more relatable.


  1. That person who shoots those great videos that are so informative and well put together- those videos are not one take and done. There is a whole blooper reel that went into making that video.

  2. That person that you think has it together and is unshakeable- there is a quiet, personal pep talk that takes place before talks and appearances.

Whatever it takes, overcome the obstacles that are keeping you from telling your story because Your Voice Matters. It truly does. I welcome you to contact me at any time if you need a confidence boost. We all need someone in our corner to help us up when we get down.

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